Beijing: China on Thursday blocked a US resolution seeking to declare Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Masood Azhar a global terrorist.

Due to lack of consensus at the UNSC committee, the application seeking a ban on Masood Azhar has been rejected, a Chinese Foreign Ministry official told IANS.

This is the second time Beijing has vetoed the proposal which was first moved by India at the Al-Qaida Sanctions Committee of the United Nations Security Council in March last year.

China did the same to a US proposal backed by France and the UK. It first blocked it in January and then put a technical hold for three months in August.

A new resolution will have to be moved now.

China has cited lack of consensus among the 15-members of the UNSC and no solid proof against the terrorist who is accused by India of plotting a deadly attack on an Indian airbase in January 2016.

India says only China is not in favour of branding Azhar as an international terrorist.

The listing of Azhar has become a contentious issue between China and India. In September, China agreed to include Azhar's outfit in a joint statement issued by BRICS members.