London: A British high school teacher has been sentenced to six years in prison for his plans to fight alongside the Islamic State (IS) in Syria, Xinhua news agency reported yesterday.

Jamshed Javeed, 30, a former chemistry teacher at Sharples High School in Bolton, quit his job to take part in jihad despite opposition from his family, according to a local court.

The media on Thursday reported that Javeed had helped others join the terrorist group in Syria, including helping his 21-year-old brother Mohammed travel to the war-torn country, by providing them money and clothing, as well as equipment.

His wife hid his passport and clothes he had packed for his planned journey to Syria.

When police searched his home, they found nearly 1,500 pounds (about $1,660), thermal gloves and combat-style trousers in a rucksack.

Javeed admitted to engaging in the preparation of terrorist acts but said he planned to travel to Syria on humanitarian grounds.

He insisted he was not a terrorist. However, photos of IS fighters were found on his phone, according to media reports.

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