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BJP to get 200 seats in next elections

Washington: Major scams like 2G, CWG games, Adarsh housing and Bofors will sink the ruling UPA alliance, according to BJP chief Nitin Gadkari, who has claimed that Indians have stashed a whopping Rs 22 lakh crore in foreign banks.

Asserting that BJP is aggressively pursuing the issue, Gadkari said that it was a must to get huge illegal amounts repatriated from all safe havens outside India.

Accusing UPA of not showing seriousness in tackling institutionalised corruption, Gadkari told members of the Overseas Friends of BJP in a teleconference that the issue of illegal foreign bank accounts and scams would prove the doom of the ruling alliance and pave the way for NDA`s return to power in next general elections.

He said by itself BJP would bag over 200 seats.

The first of its kind audio address to OFBJP members was listened by some 500 people from the US, Canada, Caribbean Island, Germany, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East.

Gadkari in his address to his overseas support base said that the BJP is preparing a Vision 2025 document.

He said that inaction against the principal perpetrators in many scandals like 2G, Common wealth games, Adarsh society and Bofors has shown that the UPA is not serious about tackling institutionalized corruption.

"The year of 2010 had unfortunately become the year of scams and scandals under the UPA," he said.

Gadkari alleged that the UPA Government does not want to release the names of the account holders who have stashed away the country`s money in foreign tax heavens.

This money belonged to the Indian people and must be brought back, he demanded.

It is estimated that Rs 22 lakh crore rupees are in foreign banks, he said.

Responding to question related to the future of Kashmiri Pandits, Gadkari expressed a lot of concern over their sad plight.

The BJP is planning to appeal to Human Rights Commission in this matter, he said.

Gadkari promised that the BJP is monitoring the situation proactively and have been following up in the Supreme Court in this regard.

He said that the BJP is disappointed with the J&K govt for discriminating the Jammu and Ladakh area.

Gadkari promised that the BJP ruled state may consider the suggestion of passing a resolution concerning the Kashmiri Pandits, the press release said.

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