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Vastu tips for house construction
Vastu: Keep these tips in mind while constructing your dream home

Vastu Shastra links a person's health and happiness directly with layouts and construction of his building he lives in. So it is extremely crucial for a person to build his house according to some norms as laid out in the shastra.

  • Saturday, 17 September 2022
Vastu elements for right winter vibes at home

New Delhi: Adding elements like candles, fireplace, bright Christmas lights and fiery gold and red decorations will not just help to beautify your home, but also lend a positive vibe, say Vastu experts. Astro numerologist, tarot and Vastu expert Shelly Maheswari Gupta, suggests: * Fire represents the energy of sun and life. A balanced feng shui […]

  • Tuesday, 06 July 2021