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Maduro interprets Trump's UN comments as death threat

Caracas:Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has said he considered US President Donald Trump’s remarks in his United Nations General Assembly speech to be a death threat. “I know that I’m interpreting the threat that Donald Trump made yesterday (Monday) and today (Tuesday) correctly and exactly and I want to tell the public, Trump today threatened the […]

  • Friday, 23 July 2021
Most millennials unhappy with Trump: Survey

New York: Over 60 per cent of millennials in the US are unhappy with President Donald Trump, and only 37 per cent view him favourably, a new survey has revealed. Conducted by the University of Massachusetts-Lowell, the survey looked at opinions of 1,000 Americans aged 18 to 37. Trump’s performance was rated on key issues […]

  • Friday, 09 July 2021
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India dismisses Trump's jibe at Modi on Afghanistan

New Delhi: India on Thursday dismissed US President Donald Trump’s remark that it is not doing enough for peace and stability in Afghanistan, with sources here saying New Delhi does not send troops abroad except under specific UN mandate. “India firmly believes in the critical role that developmental assistance can play in transforming human lives,” […]

  • Friday, 09 July 2021
US preparing for 'full' withdrawal from Syria: Report

Washington: US President Donald Trump is planning a “full” and “rapid” withdrawal of American troops from Syria, CNN reported on Wednesday citing a defence official. The decision would be a reversal from previously stated US policy. Trump had promised earlier this year to pull American troops out of Syria “very soon”. According to the report, […]

  • Friday, 09 July 2021
White House rejects CNN lawsuit over revoking reporter's credentials

Washington: The White House on Tuesday said that it will mount a “vigorous” defence against the lawsuit filed by CNN accusing the administration of violating freedom of the press by suspending the press credentials of one of its reporters after a press conference confrontation with President Donald Trump. “We have been advised that CNN has […]

  • Thursday, 08 July 2021
CNN reporter loses White House access

Washington: The White House has withdrawn the permanent credential from CNN journalist Jim Acosta for confronting US President Donald Trump at a press conference following the mid-term results. The CNN journalist at the White House on Wednesday engaged in a tense tug-of-war with Trump, who after answering several of his questions, said “That’s enough. Put […]

  • Thursday, 08 July 2021
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Trump to send Pompeo to Saudi Arabia over missing journalist

Washington: US President Donald Trump on Monday said that he spoke to Saudi King Salman over the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and will send Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to discuss the situation with the monarch. In a morning tweet, Trump said that the King denied any knowledge of the journalist’s whereabouts. Khashoggi, a […]

  • Thursday, 08 July 2021
Putin, Trump to discuss 'complex' issues, including Syria

Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Donald Trump are set to discuss a number of “very complex” issues, including the situation in Syria, the Kremlin said on Friday. “A rather detailed discussion on Syria is anticipated,” Xinhua quoted Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov as saying. He said “serious preparations” are being made for […]

  • Thursday, 08 July 2021
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Donald Trump is on weight loss regimen, Here's the diet chart

Washington: Dietitians to Donald Trump has replaced his favorite steak with fish and have also discarded cheeseburgers, after the US President acknowledged in private that he needed to lose weight, a media report said. President Trump had embarked upon a mission to shed 10 to 15 pounds in January by altering his diet and with […]

  • Wednesday, 07 July 2021
Obama slams Trump for withdrawing from Iran nuclear deal

Washington: Former US President Barack Obama criticized the decision made on Tuesday by President Donald Trump to pull the United States out of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, calling the move a “serious mistake”. “I believe that the decision to put the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) at risk without any Iranian violation of […]

  • Wednesday, 07 July 2021
Trump decides to remove National Security Adviser

Washington: US President Donald Trump has decided to remove H.R. McMaster as his National Security Adviser and was actively discussing potential replacements, The Washington Post reported. The turbulence is part of a broader potential shake-up under consideration by Trump that is likely to include senior officials at the White House, informed sources told The Post […]

  • Wednesday, 07 July 2021
Trump holds rally in Pennsylvania for Republican candidate

Washington: US President Donald Trump held a rally in Pennsylvania to bolster support for state Representative Rick Saccone who will contest in Tuesday’s special congressional election to secure a House seat, the media reported. “This guy should win easily… I hate to put pressure on you, Rick,” Trump said on Saturday night at the rally […]

  • Wednesday, 07 July 2021
Kimmel calls Trump 'lowest rated President'

Los Angeles: Jimmy Kimmel has tagged US President Donald Trump as the “lowest rated President in history” after the latter took a swipe at the low ratings of the 90th Academy Awards, hosted by the comedian. The ABC telecast of the show for American audiences attracted the fewest viewers from the time such records have […]

  • Wednesday, 07 July 2021
Porn Star sues Trump over 'hush agreement'

Washington: Adult film star Stormy Daniels has reportedly filed a lawsuit against US President Donald Trump alleging he never signed a “hush agreement” to keep quiet about their rumoured affair. Daniels, who real name is Stephanie Clifford, filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles on Tuesday that claims the nondisclosure agreement is invalid and she is […]

  • Wednesday, 07 July 2021
Trump threatens tax on EU cars

Washington: US President Donald Trump escalated threats of a trade war, saying he would slap a new tax on European cars if the EU retaliated against his proposed steel and aluminium tariffs, the media reported. Trump on Thursday called for tariffs of 25 per cent on steel imports and 10 per cent on aluminium products, a […]

  • Wednesday, 07 July 2021