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world's children day
Clarion call for better tomorrow for our children on World Children's Day

The world celebrates Children's day today with this year's theme “Inclusion, For Every Child' empowering them to call for a better tomorrow and a better inclusive world.

  • Sunday, 20 November 2022
Abroad education
Want to study abroad, Know which country education system is the best

Education is one of the most important factors in life, and when considering a country to study abroad, it's important to consider what type of education system they have.

  • Thursday, 17 November 2022
'Magical' royal bee jelly offers promise to combat cancer: Study

New York: Royal jelly — a natural bee product — long known for its mysterious growth effects on future queen honey bees, while hailed by some as an anti-ageing, cholesterol-lowering super supplement, might also help fight cancer, finds new research. Royal jelly also called “bee milk”, looks like white snot. Besides water, it also contains […]

  • Monday, 26 July 2021
Common toothpaste ingredient making antibiotics less effective, says study

New York: A common ingredient found in toothpastes and handwashes could make antibiotics less effective in treating conditions like urinary tract infections (UTIs), which, if left untreated, can become life-threatening, say researchers. Triclosan is the active ingredient responsible for the “antibacterial” property which is added to toothpaste, mouthwash, cosmetics. It is even added to clothing, […]

  • Friday, 09 July 2021
Excess use of toothpaste by kids leads to tooth decay, says study

New York: Many young kids who use toothpaste more than needed are at an increased risk of dental fluorosis when they get older, warns a new study. Fluorosis is a condition that affects the teeth caused by overexposure to fluoride during the first eight years of life. Fluoride is a mineral found in water and […]

  • Friday, 09 July 2021
Aerobics can delay age-related cognitive decline

New York: While most studies on exercise and cognition have focused on the elderly, a new study suggests that aerobics can even prevent or slow the appearance of at least some age-related cognitive changes in young and middle-aged adults. The study also found that aerobics training increases executive function — cognitive processes important for reasoning, […]

  • Friday, 09 July 2021
Cancer can lead to premature ageing, says study

London: While it is well known that ageing promotes cancer development, UK researchers have showed that the reverse is also true. A team from the University of East Anglia (UEA) found that leukaemia — a type of blood cancer — promotes premature ageing in healthy bone marrow cells. Importantly, the aged bone marrow cells accelerate […]

  • Friday, 09 July 2021
High job stress can lead to weight gain in women, claims study

London: Are you gaining weight suddenly? Blame increased stress at workplace, say researchers who found that heavy pressure at work predisposes women to weight gain, irrespective of whether they have received an academic education. The findings, led by the University of Gothenburg in Sweden researchers, showed that long-term exposure to high job demands played a […]

  • Friday, 09 July 2021
Your slim figure is because of your skinny genes, claims study

London: It’s not only healthy food and exercise, but skinny genes that hold the key ‘to staying slim’, say researchers who found that slim people have a genetic advantage when it comes to maintaining their weight. The study, led by University of Cambridge researchers, looked at why some people manage to stay thin while others […]

  • Friday, 09 July 2021
Skin cancer
Aspirin, ibuprofen can improve survival rate of patients suffering from cancer

New York: Regular use of a common type of medication such as aspirin and ibuprofen significantly improves the survival rate for a third or more patients with head and neck cancer, a new study has found. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, for at least six months provided “markedly prolonged” improved five-year survival rate from 25 […]

  • Friday, 09 July 2021
Researchers develop new smartphone app to help you quit smoking

New York: Researchers have developed a new smartphone-based app that can track if you smoke a lot and can help you quit. The app Gero Healthspan developed by scientists from Gero and Roswell Park Cancer Institute in New York offers a way to track the rejuvenating effect of smoking cessation in real time through the […]

  • Friday, 09 July 2021
Sleeping for long hours during pregnancy linked to stillbirths, says study

New York: Sleeping more than nine hours per night during pregnancy may be associated with late stillbirth, suggests a new study. This is because blood pressure reaches its lowest point during sleep which has been linked with foetal growth problems, preterm birth, and stillbirth. The study, led by a team from the University of Michigan, […]

  • Friday, 09 July 2021
Smelling high-calorie food for 2 minutes can help you eat less, says study

New York: Does a whiff of pizzas, burgers or sandwiches entice you, but you refrain from eating them due to the high-calories it contains? Take heart, smelling these for longer than two minutes will make you feel satiated, suggest researchers, including one of an Indian-origin. The study showed that ambient food scent can directly satisfy […]

  • Friday, 09 July 2021
Change in lifestyle may reduce diabetes risk, says study

New York: If you are suffering from diabetes, then following some lifestyle and health factors may prove to be good for your heart and can help prevent disorders, says a new study. The study showed that individuals who were in the recommended, ideal ranges for at least four of Life’s Simple seven health factors had […]

  • Friday, 09 July 2021
B-group vitamins beneficial for psychotic patients, says study

Sydney: Intake of B-group vitamin supplements may be beneficial for maintaining concentration skills among people experiencing a first episode of psychosis — a precursor to developing schizophrenia, finds a study. The findings showed that patients with psychosis who took vitamins B12, B6, and folic acid (vitamin B9) for over 12 weeks saw improvement in their […]

  • Friday, 09 July 2021