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Smokers, Vegetarians Less Vulnerable To Covid Infection: Study

New Delhi: A recent survey conducted by CSIR (Council of Scientific Industrial Research), Government of India, has revealed that smokers and vegetarians are less likely to contract Covid-19 infection. The…

Oral Disease
Vaping puts healthy people on brink of oral disease

New York: A team of US researchers led by an Indian-origin scientist revealed that just a few months of vaping may put healthy people on the brink of oral disease. The study, published in the journal Science Advances, found that the collection of oral bacteria in daily e-cigarette users’ mouths is teeming with potent infection-causing […]

Vaping May Not Help With Smoking Cessation

Washington: The US government released on Thursday its first smoking cessation report in 30 years, showing that there is inadequate evidence to conclude that e-cigarettes help quit smoking. It is difficult to make generalizations about efficacy for cessation based on clinical trials involving a particular e-cigarette, according to the report. E-cigarettes have long been embraced […]

Daily exercise may boost better lung function among smokers

London: If you are a smoker try doing regular physical activities as it may help you to have better lung function, a new study suggests. According to the researchers, leisure-time vigorous physical activity is associated with better lung function among smokers. “This result highlights the importance of physical activity among current smokers specifically, which are […]

Smokers with HIV more at risk of lung cancer than AIDS

New York: People living with HIV who adhere to antiretroviral therapy but smoke tobacco cigarettes are more likely to die from lung cancer than from AIDS, a study led by an Indian-origin researcher has revealed. The findings showed that overall people with HIV who take antiviral medicines but who also smoke are six to 13 […]

Even passive smokers need more anesthetic during surgery

London: During operations, both smokers and those exposed to passive smoke require more anaesthetic and painkillers as compared to non-smokers, a new research says. The findings by Erdogan Ozturk and colleagues from Bezmialem Vakif University, Istanbul, Turkey, suggest that nicotine could affect the metabolism of anaesthetic drugs in the liver, or may desensitise of the […]

Diabetes drug may up cancer risk in smokers

Depending on their smoking history, a drug may have contrary effects on people suffering from diabetes - reducing lung cancer risk among nonsmokers and increasing the risk among smokers

More women in India smoke now than 30 years ago: Study

Female smokers in India has gone up in the last 30 years but the number of men who puff daily dipped in the country where more people are smoking today, say researchers