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Tag: Sleep

Morning Walk Key To Good Night's Sleep After Heart Bypass Surgery

London: Just half an hour of morning walk can help heart bypass surgery patients get a sound sleep at night, says a study. “Many patients have trouble sleeping after heart bypass surgery,” said study author Hady Atef of Cairo University, Egypt. “When this persists beyond six months it exacerbates the heart condition and puts patients […]

COVID19 Lockdown Impact: Sleeping Hours Get Longer, But Sleep Quality Deteriorates

London: People are sleeping for longer hours during lockdowns and work from home scenario as they do not need to travel to workplaces but the quality of sleep has become worse in many, reveals new research. If the differences in sleep timing and duration between workdays and days off become too large, this can lead […]

Poor Sleep Quality May Increase Risk For Heart Disease

New York: Sleeping poorly on a regular basis may lead to the fatty arterial plaque buildup known as atherosclerosis that can result in fatal heart disease. “We’ve discovered that fragmented sleep is associated with a unique pathway — chronic circulating inflammation throughout the bloodstream — which, in turn, is linked to higher amounts of plaques […]

Google unveils new Android tools to help you get restful sleep

San Francisco: As the global health crisis affected normal sleep patterns for millions in the past couple of months, Google has unveiled new bedtime tools for Android users to help them get more restful sleep. With Bedtime mode, formerly known as Wind Down in the Digital Wellbeing settings, your Android phone can stay dark and […]

Kids who do not sleep enough may face mental health issues
Kids who do not sleep enough may face mental health issues

Is your child getting enough sleep? If not, read this carefully. Researchers have found that children who get the least sleep have the greatest risk of developing mental health issues. “If we make sure our children get enough sleep, it can help protect them from mental health problems,” said study researcher Bror M Ranum, Norwegian […]

Too Short, Long Sleep Linked To Incurable Lung Disease

London: People who regularly sleep for more than 11 hours or less than four hours are 2-3 times more likely to have the incurable lung disease, pulmonary fibrosis, compared to those that sleep for seven hours in a day, researchers have found. They attribute this association to the body clock. The study, published in the […]

Poor Sleep Quality
Food We Eat During Day Impacts Our Night Sleep

London: A sleep expert in the UK says the food we eat during the day can have an impact on each one of us when we go to bed, a media report said. In a recent study by Sealy UK, over 65 per cent of the 2,058 Britain citizens surveyed had admitted to waking up […]

Over 9 Hours' Of Sleep May Raise Stroke Risk By 23%

New York: People who sleep nine or more hours per night are 23 per cent more likely to later have a stroke than people who sleep seven to less than eight hours per night, warns a new study. The results revealed that long naps are also not good for your health. People who took a […]

Get Your Sleep Back Insomniacs, Here's Your Solution

New Delhi: Sleepless flocks take a note, researchers have found people who have trouble sleeping may be more prone to stroke, heart attack or other cardiovascular diseases. Do yoga and you can feel sleepy, Indian experts said. Health experts here have found solution to the problems raised by the Chinese experts. According to them yogas […]

Take hot bath 90 minutes before bedtime for super sleep

New Delhi: Taking hot bath at least 90 minutes before bedtime is your ticket to sound sleep. Just remember that the water temperature should be around 40-42 degrees Celsius, else you may not get better shuteye. Biomedical engineers at University of Texas-Austin reached this conclusion after analyzing thousands of studies linking water-based passive body heating, […]

New mothers tend to suffer disrupted sleep for 6 years: Study

New Delhi: While birth of a child is a matter of joy to parents, it has drastic effects on first-time mothers’ sleep for up to six years, finds a study. The findings showed in the first three months after birth, mothers slept one hour less compared with pre-pregnancy period, while father’s sleep duration decreased by […]

Insomnia could be in your genes

New York: Finding it hard to sleep at night? If so, blame your genes, say researchers, who identified 57 genes associated with symptoms of insomnia, affecting 10 to 20 per cent people worldwide. “Our findings confirm a role for genetics in insomnia symptoms and expand upon the four previously found gene loci for this condition,” […]

Mindfulness, sleep may reduce exhaustion in entrepreneurs: Study

New York: Overburdened with work? Relax. Adequate sleep and mindfulness exercises such as meditation can help you feel less stressed, suggests a new study. The study showed that when entrepreneurs feel exhausted but cannot afford the time for adequate sleep, they may be able to replenish their energy with mindfulness exercises. “You can’t replace sleep […]

Poor sleep may predict Alzheimer's risk in elderly

New York: Poor sleep quality may signal the risk of Alzheimer’s disease in older adults, a study suggests. People with Alzheimer’s tend to wake up tired and their nights become even less refreshing as memory loss and other symptoms worsen. However, the reason was not fully understood. The study, led by the Washington University in […]

Evening walk may not cause sleep issues as previously thought, says study

London: Engaging in moderate physical activity including walking, cycling or jogging in the evening does not cause sleep problems, suggest researchers. The research challenges previous studies that suggested that sleep quality can be improved by avoiding exercise in the evening. The findings showed that doing exercise for four hours before going to bed does not […]

Eight-hour sleep may boost academic performance: Study

New York: Worried that your son or daughter sleep more even during final exams week? If so, take heart. According to a study, students who sleep for eight hours are more likely to perform better. “Better sleep helped in final exam performance, which is contrary to most college students’ perceptions that they have to sacrifice […]

Regular bedtime may boost your heart, metabolic health

New York: Ever thought why a good night’s sleep is incredibly important for your health? A new study has found that regular bedtime and wake time may help you revive yourself and boost your heart and metabolic health. The study found that people with irregular sleep patterns weighed more, had higher blood sugar, higher blood […]

lack of sleep
Feeling sleepy during the day may trigger Alzheimer's: Researchers

New York: In a significant finding, Johns Hopkins researchers have revealed that those who feel sleepy during the day are nearly three times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than those who have a good night’s sleep. An analysis of data captured during a long-term study of ageing adults showed that those who report being […]

Decoded: Why depression affects sleep

London: Brain areas associated with short-term memory, self and negative emotions are linked with depression which may cause the patients to dwell on bad thoughts and experience poor sleep quality, suggests a study. According to the researchers, about 75 per cent of people with depression report significant levels of sleep disturbance, such as difficulty of […]

Sleep for 7 hours to keep your heart younger

New York: Sleeping for seven hours a day may reduce the age of your heart as well as decrease the risks for cardiovascular disease, say researchers. The study showed that excess heart age is the lowest in adults who sleep seven hours a night. Sleeping times less than or greater than seven hours were associated […]

Writing a to-do list will help you sleep faster at night

New York: Unable to sleep at night? Try writing a “to-do” list at bedtime as it may aid in falling asleep, a new study suggests. “Most people just cycle through their to-do lists in their heads, and so we wanted to explore whether the act of writing them down could counteract night time difficulties with […]

Blame your neurons if you feel sleepy when bored

Tokyo: We often defy sleepiness and stay awake when attention is necessary, but also experience an inescapable desire to sleep in boring situations. Do you know why? According to a paper published in the journal Nature Communications, a part of the brain that is associated with motivation and pleasure — nucleus accumbens — can also […]

sleep deprivation
Poor sleep may make you more impulsive

New York: Sleep deprivation may put you at increased risk for succumbing to impulsive desires, inattentiveness and questionable decision-making, says a study. The researchers found that poor sleep habits can have a negative effect on self-control, which presents risks to individuals’ personal and professional lives. “Our study explored how sleep habits and self-control are interwoven […]

Woman Sleeping
Calcium essential for deep sleep: Study

Washington: If you are having sleepless nights, blame it on calcium deficiency as a key calcium channel has been identified as responsible for deep sleep, says new study. The study also gives us a clue to understanding both normal and abnormal waking brain functions. “It is the same brain, same neurons and similar requirements for […]

Sleep aids memory even after concussion

Sleep helps memory consolidation even in individuals who sustain mild traumatic brain injury (TBI), also known as concussion, new research has found