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For A Strong Immune System Add Protein & Vitamins To Your Diet

New Delhi: As we face this global pandemic, it is important that we stay indoors. maintain physical distancing and focus on building a strong immune system which is a crucial shield against infections. While we are confined to the house, it is important we maintain a regular routine which includes daily exercise, eating a balanced […]

Protein Linked To Commonest Cause Of Blindness Identified

London:  An international team of scientists has identified a protein which is strongly linked age-related macular degeneration, the commonest cause of blindness in developed countries. The protein, called FHR4, was found by the team to be present at higher levels in the blood of patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) compared to individuals of a […]

Eating nuts twice a week lowers heart attack risk

Paris: Eating nuts at least twice a week can slash the risk of death from cardiovascular disease by almost 17 per cent, a new study suggests. “Nuts are a good source of unsaturated fat and contain little saturated fat,” said study author Noushin Mohammadifard from Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Institute, Iran. “They also have protein, minerals, […]

Animal protein linked to death risk in men, claims study

London: Men with a diet rich in animal protein and meat such as sausages and cold cuts could be at a greater risk of death, finds a study. The study found men who favoured animal protein over plant-based protein in their diet had a 23 per cent greater risk of death than men whose diet […]

More protein, less calories key to safe weight loss in elderly: Study

New York: A high-protein and low-calorie diet helps older adults with obesity lose more weight, maintain more muscle mass, improve bone quality and shed “bad” fat, say researchers. Doctors have long struggled with how to recommend safe weight loss for seniors, because dropping pounds can lead to muscle and bone loss. “Doctors hesitate to recommend […]

Common protein form linked to cardiac, metabolic diseases: Study

New York: A form of protein, clusterin, has been associated with many different facets of cardiometabolic syndrome risk through its actions in the liver, suggests a new research study. In addition, it is linked to increased cardiovascular disease risk and mortality, high blood pressure, harmful cholesterol levels and fatty liver disease. Cardiometabolic syndrome (CMS) is […]

Protein enabling other drugs to increase body's HDL levels identified

Sydney: Researchers have identified a protein, known as ORP2, responsible for transporting cholesterol inside cells that opens the way for new drugs to increase the body’s ‘good cholesterol’ levels. ORP2 can increase the amount of cholesterol in cells, a process called cholesterol efflux. We think this pathway will be very important for the development of […]

2.5 hours of physical activity per week may prevent Alzheimer's

New York: Engaging in at least 2.5 hours of physical activity per week, including walking, running, swimming and aerobics, may delay cognitive decline and prevent Alzheimer’s disease, suggests a new study. The results support that physical activity of at least 150 minutes per week can have benefits on cognition and dementia progression. It was seen […]

High immunity protein at birth cuts childhood malaria risk: Study

Sydney: Newborn babies who are born with a high level of an immune-related protein in their blood cells are less likely to develop malaria throughout their early childhood, a study revealed. The research showed that babies born with a high level of a certain type of immunity proteins cytokine, known as IL-12, in their umbilical […]

New protein linked to spread of breast cancer identified

Toronto: Researchers have found that a protein that, once deactivated, could prevent the spread of an aggressive type of breast cancer to other sites in the body, a process known as metastasis. In their study, published in the journal Cell Reports, the researchers demonstrated that a protein, AXL, influences the occurrence of metastasis in HER2-positive […]

Researchers identify enzyme linked to colon cancer

London: Researchers have identified an enzyme that appears to drive the conversion of normal colon tissue into cancer by attaching sugar molecules, or glycans, to certain proteins in the cell. The research, published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, showed that the enzyme was absent in healthy colon tissue but abundant in colon cancer cells. […]

This anti-ageing protein may combat obesity, cancers

New York: Scientists have revealed the three-dimensional (3D) structure of an anti-ageing protein, that may not only increase human lifespan but also help develop therapies for age-related diseases such as diabetes, obesity and cancers. The Klotho proteins — alpha and beta — named after the Greek goddess Clotho, who spun the thread of life, play […]

This protein may improve flu symptoms, cut death risk

New York: Researchers have identified a small protein that could potentially improve the symptoms and mortality associated with the flu and possibly other types of infectious illness as well. The protein called retrocyclin-101 (RC-101) is unique in that it not only targets the flu virus itself, but also the harmful inflammation the virus triggers in […]

Structure of anxiety disorder protein revealed

Washington:New research has revealed the crystal structure of a key protein, TSPO, which is associated with several forms of anxiety disorders. By identifying the structure at the atomic level, scientists can now pinpoint where drugs may interact with the protein. “Many other scientists have studied this protein, but what exactly it is doing has been […]