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Condition of Labourer and Farmer Households Very Poor!
Odisha Poorest In Country, 46% Farmers Debt-ridden, Took Loans At 30-50% Rate of Interest: NSSO

The NSSO Report All India Debt and Investment Survey 2019 has disproved the rosy picture of Odisha's growing per capita income. The condition of labourer households seems very wretched in the State

Odisha Economic Survey 2021: Agrarian Distress Rules, Farmers quit farming in State!

Bhubaneswar: Here is a warning shot for the powers that be in Odisha, when farmers protest is hogging the headlines in the country. The Economic Survey 2021 shows the prevalence of a sort of agrarian distress in the State. While on the one hand, the Survey pointed out that farmers are quitting the profession in […]

Unseasonal Rainfall Leaves Odisha Farmers In Distress

Bhubaneswar: Farmers in several districts of Odisha are going through a harrowing time due to unseasonal rainfall which has reportedly destroyed their crops. According to reports, farmers in Naktideul and Rairakhol blocks of Sambalpur district had grown various types of vegetables like cabbage, tomato, brinjal and green chilli, however, they have suffered damage due to […]