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Poor sleep may up Alzheimer's in elderly

New York: Poor sleep among older adults has been associated with Alzheimer’s, suggesting that good sleep habits may help preserve brain health, finds a new study. Studying mice and people, researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, found that sleep deprivation increases levels of the key Alzheimer’s protein, tau. And, in […]

Breast cancer drug linked to brain malfunction

Toronto: A breast cancer drug reveals side-effects, including mood disturbances and memory issues, that impact the brain function in both humans and animals, say researchers. The drug letrozole is used to prevent breast cancer recurrence by interfering with the production of estrogens. For the study, researchers from the University of Toronto in Canada showed that […]

Late childbirth linked to high breast cancer risk: Study

New York: Women who had their first child after 35 may be at an increased risk of developing breast cancer than their peers who do not have children, according to a study contrary to conventional wisdom that childbirth is protective against breast cancer. Besides late childbirth, women who had a family history of breast cancer […]

Extremely high BP in diabetics linked to severe organ damage

New York: Patients with diabetes suffering from extremely high blood pressure (BP) could be at risk of organ damage due to hypertensive emergencies such as stroke, chest pain and heart failure, finds a study. The study showed that acute or worsening heart failure was the most frequent target organ injury (49.6 per cent) followed by […]

Mother's menstrual age linked to son's puberty: Study

London: The age at which a young woman experiences her first menstruation is associated with the age at which her son experiences puberty, according to a latest research. While it has been known for some time that mothers’ age at puberty is associated with their daughters’, much less was known about the link with their […]

Twitter accounts linked to fake news still thriving: Study

San Francisco: Twitter still remains a hotbed for accounts spreading fake news, suggests a new study that looked into how fake and conspiracy news flourished on the microblogging site both before and after the 2016 US presidential election. More than 80 per cent of the Twitter accounts linked to spread of disinformation during the 2016 […]

High BMI in early life linked to asthma risk later: Study

London: The growth of children in the first three years of their life affects the development of their lungs and the risk of asthma at 10 years of age, says a study. According to recent studies, excessive weight gain in the first years of life can be associated with lower lung function and a higher […]

Sleeping pills linked to Alzheimer's disease risk: Study

London: Regular intake of benzodiazepines, widely used to treat insomnia and anxiety, may be associated with an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease, a study has warned. Even though the increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease was small in this study, the threshold for prescribing benzodiazepines and related drugs should be high enough due to their several […]

Genes linked to aggressive breast cancer risk identified

New York: Researchers have identified specific genes associated with the increased risk for triple-negative breast cancer, providing the basis for better risk management. Germline genetic testing can identify women at increased risk of breast cancer by evaluating if there are genetic changes, often inherited from a parent, that increase the risk of certain cancers. However, […]

Fluid drainage system in brain linked to Alzheimer: Study

New York: Scientists have identified a fluid drainage system in the brain that sheds light on the underlying mechanisms of brain ageing and age-related Alzheimer’s disease. The study demonstrated that meningeal lymphatic vessels in the brain play an essential role in maintaining a healthy homeostasis in ageing brains and could be a new target for […]

Decoded: How eating disorder is linked to brain

New York: Anorexia nervosa — an eating disorder that makes people obsessive about their weight — could alter the brain circuits and impact its taste-reward processing mechanisms, especially for sugar, a study has found. While most people like sweet tasting things, those with eating disorders associate the taste with weight gain and try to avoid […]

Feeling faint while standing up linked with dementia risk: Study

New York: Any sudden drop in blood pressure in middle-aged people, which makes them feel faint, dizzy or light-headed while standing up, could be a sign of increased risk of dementia or stroke later, say researchers. The findings suggested that people who experienced the blood pressure drop — known as orthostatic hypotension — had a […]