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NASA bids goodbye to planet-hunting Kepler space telescope

Washington: NASA has decided to retire its Kepler space telescope that discovered more than 2,600 planets and ran out of fuel needed for further science operations. Working in deep space for nine years, Kepler discovered planets from outside the solar system, many of which could be promising places for life. The spacecraft will be retired […]

First evidence of moon outside our solar system: Astronomers

New York: Using the Hubble Space Telescope and the Kepler Space Telescope, astronomers have found the first compelling evidence for a Neptune-sized moon orbiting a giant gas planet 8,000 light-years away. The detection of the candidate exomoon — moons orbiting planets in other star systems — is unusual because of its large size, comparable to […]

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Planet hunting Kepler telescope wakes up again: NASA

Washington: NASA’s planet-hunting Kepler space telescope has woken up from yet another slumber and begun collecting science data again, the US space agency has said. It began collecting science data on August 29 for its 19th observation campaign. “After being roused from sleep mode, the spacecraft’s configuration has been modified due to unusual behaviour exhibited […]

Astronomers identify nearly 80 exoplanets in record time

Washington: Scientists have discovered nearly 80 new planetary candidates, amid some 50,000 stars, in a record two weeks after the data from the K2 mission’s — the follow-up mission to NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope — was available. The discovery was based on the analysis of data from K2’s 16th and 17th observing campaigns, known as […]

Scientists discovers miniature version of our solar system

Washington: Scientists applying artificial intelligence to data from NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope have discovered an eighth planet around the star Kepler-90 — breaking the record for the star with the most exoplanets. The planet Kepler-90i, described at a briefing on Thursday and in a paper accepted for publication in the Astronomical Journal, demonstrates for the […]

Orbital details of TRAPPIST-1's outermost planet confirmed

Washington: Using NASA’s Kepler space telescope, scientists have confirmed that the outermost and least understood planet in the TRAPPIST-1 system orbits its star every 19 days. Scientists announced that the TRAPPIST-1 system has seven Earth-sized planets at a NASA press conference on February 22. NASA’s Spitzer space telescope, the TRAPPIST (Transiting Planets and Planetesimals Small […]