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NASA Unveils First Images From James Webb Space Telescope

This image mosaic was created by pointing the telescope at a bright, isolated star in the constellation Ursa Major known as HD 84406

James Webb Space Telescope
NASA's Webb Telescope Unfolds Primary Mirror, Set For Big Action

The world's largest and most complex space science telescope will now begin moving its 18 primary mirror segments to align the telescope optics.

NASA delays launch of James Webb Space Telescope to 2019

Washington: NASA has postponed the launch of James Webb Space Telescope from October 2018 to around mid-2019 due to issues related to integration of various spacecraft elements. It is now likely to be launched between March and June 2019, NASA said on Thursday. “The change in launch timing is not indicative of hardware or technical performance […]

James Webb Space Telescope
NASA's Webb telescope to search for signs of alien life

Washington: Finding signs of life on the earth-sized planets of the TRAPPIST-1 system and on Saturn’s moon Enceladus are among the science targets that NASA’s James Webb space telescope has following its launch and commissioning, mission officials have announced. These specific observations are part of a programme of Guaranteed Time Observations (GTO), which provides dedicated […]

NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
NASA's next observatory comes closer to 'reaching the stars'

Washington: The James Webb space telescope, designed to unravel some of the greatest mysteries of the universe, has come a step closer to “reaching the stars” as it has completed its environmental testing at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. NASA said the Webb telescope will now be shipped to its Johnson Space […]