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E-bandage can speed up wound healing, says study

New York: Researchers have developed a self-powered bandage that generates an electric field over an injury, dramatically reducing the healing time for skin wounds. Wounds covered by electric bandage, or e-bandage, closed within three days, compared with 12 days for a control bandage with no electric field, showed the findings published in the journal ACS […]

Tantrik in hospital to provide 'additional treatment' to snakebite patient

Dhenkanal: Family members of a youth bitten by snake on Tuesday engaged a sorcerer to provide some ‘additional treatment’ at the Kamakhyanagar hospital in the district.  The youth, Sanjay Nayak of Baisinga under Kamakhyanagar was admitted to the hospital after being attacked by a venomous snake. Although the doctors treated Sanjay, his family members sought help […]

Poor sleep may delay wound healing in diabetics

New York: People with Type 2 diabetes who do not sleep well could need more time to have their wounds healed, a new study has found. In people with Type 2 diabetes, high glucose levels lead to poor blood circulation and nerve damage, making the body more vulnerable to infections, especially after surgery. Sleep disorders can […]

5 amazing healing benefits of Neem to beat your monsoon woes

New Delhi: Neem has been referred to as a “wonder herb” for the many beneficial properties it possesses. It has as many as 130 different biologically-active compounds that enhance the well-being of several bodyparts such as skin, hair and blood, among others. This wonder herb is a cornerstone in preventive health remedies to achieve holistic […]