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Google Workspace, Chat Now Open To All For Seamless Hybrid Work

The company's 3 billion-plus existing users across consumer, enterprise, and education have access to the full Google Workspace experience, including Gmail, Chat, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Meet and more.

Google Tests New Tool To 'Follow' Sites In Chrome On Android

Google is testing a new feature for its Chrome browser on Android that lets users "follow" sites to create an updating list of new content they publish.

Microsoft Announces Retirement Of Iconic Internet Explorer On June 15
End Of An Era! Microsoft Announces Retirement Of Iconic Internet Explorer On June 15

"With Microsoft Edge capable of assuming this responsibility and more, the Internet Explorer 11 desktop application will be retired and go out of support on June 15, 2022, for certain versions of Windows 10."

Google Chrome Adopts Windows 10 Security Feature
Google Chrome Adopts Windows 10 Security Feature

San Francisco: To protect the memory stack from attackers, Google revealed that its Chrome 90 has adopted a new Windows 10 security feature called “Hardware-enforced Stack Protection”. Hardware-enforced Stack Protection,…

Google Chrome 88 Update Fixes Key Zero-Day Bug

New Delhi: Google has released a key Chrome update with security fix for the zero-day vulnerability actively being exploited in the wild. Although the company did not disclose which key vulnerability it has issued a fix for, but its Threat Analysis Group last month disclosed a hacking campaign by state-backed North Korean hackers who allegedly […]

Google Launches New Features In Chrome Browser For Better Mangement & Performance Boost

San Francisco: Google has introduced several features including tabs that load faster and let you organise and find them easily in Chrome browser as you work or study from home. To start with, Google has made tabs 10 per cent faster in Chrome via under-the-hood performance improvements. Now the users can collapse and expand tab […]

New Google Portal To Help Developers Build Apps On Chrome OS

New Delhi: Google has launched a new website to help developers build Android apps for its Linux-based operating system as it saw massive demand for its Chromebooks in the second quarter. With ChromeOS.dev which is available in English and Spanish for now, the tech giant has also made it easier to build and test Android […]

Google Chrome To Help Students With Disabilities At Home Amid Lockdown

New Delhi: Amid the Coronavirus lockdown, as around 1.5 billion students are adjusting to learn being at home globally, Google has stepped up to ease the process and minimize the efforts. Google is leveraging Chromebook accessibility tools to help students with disabilities, who are finding this adjustment even more difficult without hands-on classroom instruction and […]

Google To Update Terms Of Service On March 31

San Francisco: US based search engine giant Google has started alerting its users about the update of its terms of service (ToS), which will happen on March 31. The updated claims to offer “improved readability” and “better communication”, as well as adding Chrome/OS and Google Drive to the ToS. According to the company, there are […]

Google Chrome Hit With Bugs, Users Losing Secondary Profiles

New Delhi: Cybersecurity researchers have discovered new vulnerabilities in Google Chrome that may allow attackers to remotely run malicious code inside the popular web browser. The SQLite vulnerabilities – five in total and called “Magellan 2.0” have been disclosed by the Tencent Blade security team. “SQLite and Google have already confirmed and fixed it and […]

Google Warns Indian Users About Data Breach Via Chrome Bug

New Delhi: Several Indian users were left nervous on Thursday after witnessing pop-ups on their mobile and desktop screens as they opened certain affected websites in the Google Chrome browser, alerting them about a data breach on the site or app they had visited which also exposed their passwords. Tech giant Google issued warning of […]

Google Chrome Brings In Better Customisation, Tab Grouping

San Francisco: Google rolled out the Chrome 77 update for Android, Windows, Linux, and iOS platforms earlier this month, and now the company has announced the latest update to the browser, bringing in new features for tab management and theming. The new update is bringing a new grid layout, aimed at making it easier for […]

Google Chrome gets some 'Brave' competition

New Delhi: Google Chrome, the undisputed leader used by over 2 billion people globally for Internet browsing, has got some serious competition in “Brave” browser that automatically blocks third-party ads and cookies, and even offers to pay users when they click and see a promoted or partnered ad in a secure way. Called “Brave”, the […]

How YouTube engineers plotted to kill Internet Explorer 6

San Francisco: A former Google employee has revealed how a group of engineers plotted to kill Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6 on its YouTube platform nearly 10 years ago. According to a report in The Verge on Saturday, YouTube in 2009 started displaying a banner to Internet Explorer 6 users, warning that support for Microsoft’s browser would be “phasing […]

Google Chrome now lets you permanently mute autoplay in websites

San Francisco: Google has released a new version of its Chrome Internet browser which lets users permanently mute websites that autoplay videos. “Available on Windows, Mac and Linux, the new version — Chrome 64 lets you permanently mute websites that autoplay videos,” The Independent reported late on Thursday. Users need to click the “View Site […]