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Sharecroppers Of Odisha
Sharecroppers Of Odisha - Children Of A Lesser God

The sharecroppers — Bhagachashis — operate under heavy odds and are unable to take a long-term view about farming in the land they till.

'Marginal, small farmers in Odisha commit suicide due to family stress, boredom'

Bhubaneswar: What Ron Delegge II had said, “99 per cent of all statistics only tell 49 per cent of the story,” proved a classic truth, when the State Agriculture Minister Arun Sahoo tabled the stats on farmer suicides over the years in Odisha. The Minister has even gone to the extent of saying that a […]

Farm distress: Agro labour wage growth turns negative in Odisha in 2018-19

Bhubaneswar: Signalling an intense rural distress gripping the State, Odisha’s average annual wages of farm labour for the first time in last 5-years had posted a negative growth in 2018-19. The State finished at the bottom in farm wage growth. Moreover, Odisha farm labourers were the worst hit nationally as wages remain a whopping 23 […]