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Odisha Bleeds With Job Losses
Bleeding March: Odisha Unemployment Rate Zooms To 9.7%, High Job Losses In Key Sectors

As per the CMIE report, among the 19 major states in the country, Odisha has the fourth-highest unemployment rate

  • Sunday, 17 April 2022
Youth Unemployment High In Odisha!
After NSSO, CMIE Drops Odisha Unemployment Bomb: 2.08 lakh Job loss, Unemployed Up by 2.74 lakh in Last 8-months

Total unemployed in the State at the quarter ending on Aug 31, 2021 at 4.9 lakh vis-a-vis 3.14 lakh at the end of Apr 2021 and 2.16 lakh at the end of Dec 2020

  • Sunday, 12 December 2021
Hopelessness in Odisha Job Market! 5.6Lakh Stopped Searching Jobs In State, Says CMIE

Bhubaneswar: High sort of despondency seems to be ruling in the job market in Odisha. Since 2018, almost all of the 40 employment exchanges in the State have been recording a sharp fall in registrations by job-seeking youths. Such a grim home-truth popped up today when the Odisha Skill Development and Technical Education minister Premanand […]

  • Thursday, 01 April 2021