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Tag: Breast Cancer

Simple saliva test may help spot breast cancer risk

A team at the Manchester University in the UK has developed a saliva test that can accurately predict a higher risk of breast cancer, Daily Mail reported.

Breast Cancer
World's first subcutaneous therapy for breast cancer launched in India

World's first subcutaneous therapy for breast cancer that is effective and reduces treatment time by a massive 90 per cent has been launched in India, Roche Pharma said on Thursday.

Cancer Treatment May Inhibit Immune Response To Covid Vaccine
Cancer Treatment May Inhibit Immune Response To Covid Vaccine

While CDK 4/6 inhibitors are not conventionally considered to be as immunosuppressive as chemotherapy, Chumsri found that patients with breast cancer who take these drugs exhibited less optimal neutralising antibody activity.

Men, Transgenders Also At Risk Of Breast Cancer: Experts
Men, Transgenders Also At Risk Of Breast Cancer: Experts

More than the disease men and transgenders with breast cancers suffer from psycho-social impact because of the social taboo, the experts said.

Breast Cancer Rates Rising Rapidly Around The World

Toronto: In a study conducted in 41 countries, the researchers have revealed that breast cancer rates among women are on the rise globally. The research, published in the journal The Lancet Global Health, found that in higher-income nations rates of breast cancer in premenopausal women are increasing, while postmenopausal breast cancer is increasing more rapidly […]

New Potential Breast Cancer Drug Identified

New York: Scientists, including an Indian-American researcher, have identified a molecule that can help treat breast cancer, giving hope to patients who have become resistant to traditional therapies. The first-in-class molecule shuts down oestrogen-sensitive breast cancer in a new way, researchers said. First-in-class drugs are those that work by a unique mechanism – in this […]

Blood Test To Detect Breast Cancer Signs 5 Years Sooner

London: Researchers have found that a simple blood test can detect breast cancer up to five years before there are any clinical signs of it. The blood test identifies the body’s immune response to substances produced by tumour cells, according to the research presented at the 2019 NCRI (National Cancer Research Institute) Cancer Conference in […]

Men With Breast Cancer Face High Mortality Rates: Study

New York: Men with breast cancer are more likely to have lower overall survival rates than their female counterparts, a study said. “The persistent disparity, derived from an analysis of data from the National Cancer Database, suggests a possible distinct cancer biology, less effective treatment or compliance issues, and perhaps unhealthy lifestyles among men may […]

AI helps identify new breast cancer types

London: Using artificial intelligence (AI), researchers have distinguished five types of breast cancer, which were earlier lumped into one. Published in the NPJ Breast Cancer journal, researchers, including one of Indian-origin, applied AI and machine learning (ML) to gene sequences and molecular data from breast tumours, to reveal crucial differences among these cancer types. According […]

`Jacket' to detect breast cancer unveiled

Akola: A thermal-imaging jacket which can diagnose breast cancer, developed by the Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, was unveiled at Akola in Maharashtra Thursday. Union Minister of State Sanjay Dhotre, in whose presence the first such jacket was handed over to the District Women’s Hospital here, said it is an easy-to-use diagnostic tool. […]

AI can diagnose breast cancer more quickly, accurately

New York: Breast ultrasound elastography is an emerging imaging technique that provides information about a potential breast lesion and researchers have identified the critical role AI can play in making this technique more efficient and accurate. Using more precise information about the characteristics of a cancerous versus non-cancerous breast lesion, this methodology using Artificial Intelligence […]

New potential breast cancer drug identified

New Delhi: Scientists, including an Indian-American researcher, have identified a molecule that can help treat breast cancer, giving hope to patients who have become resistant to traditional therapies. The first-in-class molecule shuts down oestrogen-sensitive breast cancer in a new way, researchers said. First-in-class drugs are those that work by a unique mechanism – in this […]

Soy food cuts fracture risks in breast cancer survivors

New York: Eating soy-rich food can decrease the risk of bone fractures in pre-menopausal breast cancer survivors, suggests a new study. The higher soy intake was linked to 77 per cent reduced risk of osteoporotic fractures in younger women, the study showed. In the study, published in JNCI Cancer Spectrum journal, researchers at Yale University […]

Familial breast cancer may be preventable by medicines

Vienna: Breast cancer passed down in families may be preventable by the medication Denosumab, which is undergoing a five-year study in Austria. The Austrian Breast and Colorectal Cancer Study Group is leading the work as it examines the drug’s effectiveness on 2,950 patients with a hereditary disposition to this particular form of cancer, according to […]

How chronic stress promotes breast cancer development

Beijing: Chinese researchers have revealed the mechanism of how chronic stress promotes breast cancer development, shedding light on future clinical treatment for cancer. Cancer patients often suffer negative emotions such as anxiety, despair and fear, which are risk factors facilitating tumour growth as well as promoting cancer progression. However, the specific mechanisms of how chronic […]

Exercise can boost health in breast cancer survivors

New York: Exercise can likely reduce the risk of heart disease in women with breast cancer, results of a clinical trial has showed. Breast cancer patients are exposed to a higher risk of cardiovascular complications during and after cancer treatment from chemotherapy and radiation therapy. These can be exacerbated by obesity and sedentary lifestyles. The […]

Skin cancer
Obesity, alcohol may up breast cancer risk: Study

Sydney: Drinking one alcoholic drink daily as well as being overweight can increase the risk of developing breast cancer, warns a study of over two lakh women. “That means that consequently, even relatively small preventable proportions translate into large numbers of preventable breast cancers,” said Maarit Laaksonen, from the University of New South Wales in […]

Dim light escalates breast cancer's spread to bones

New York: Exposure to dim light at night may contribute to spreading of breast cancer to bones, researchers have shown in an animal study. When breast cancer spreads it often affects bones, cause severe pain and make them fragile. “To date no one has reported that exposure to dim light at night induces circadian disruption, […]

Key gene behind breast cancer identified

Sydney: Australian researchers have tracked an elusive cancer-promoting gene that appears to be behind aggressive breast cancers, paving the way for crucial therapeutic drug treatment for the deadly disease. Researchers from the University of Queensland, together with Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the US, developed a statistical approach “to reveal many previously hard-to-find genes […]

Breast cancer drugs useful in treating drug-resistant lung tumours

London: A class of drugs used to treat certain breast cancers could help tackle lung cancers that have become resistant to targeted therapies, suggests a study done on mice. The study showed that lung tumours in mice caused by mutations in a gene called EGFR shrunk significantly when a protein called p110a was blocked by […]

Breast cancer drug linked to brain malfunction

Toronto: A breast cancer drug reveals side-effects, including mood disturbances and memory issues, that impact the brain function in both humans and animals, say researchers. The drug letrozole is used to prevent breast cancer recurrence by interfering with the production of estrogens. For the study, researchers from the University of Toronto in Canada showed that […]

Air pollution exposure linked to breast cancer, says study

London: Women working near busy roads are at high risk of developing breast cancer, due to traffic-related air pollution, researchers have warned. The team, from University of Stirling in Scotland, analysed the case of a woman who developed breast cancer after spending 20 years working as a border guard at the busiest commercial border crossing […]

Early rising women at lower risk of breast cancer: Study

London: Women who begin their day early are likely to have a lower of risk breast cancer, than late beginners, suggests a research. The study found that a preference for mornings reduced the risk of breast cancer by 40 per cent compared with being an evening type. It also found that women who slept longer than […]

Mexican student fits bra with app to detect breast cancer

Mexico City: A device made of a brassiere cup fitted with a mobile application, developed by a Mexican student, is designed to be an ally of mammograms for the timely detection of breast cancer in women with very dense breast tissue and in those under age 40. “The idea started after my mother had to […]

Immunotherapy plus chemo extends life of breast cancer patients

London: A treatment regime combining immunotherapy and chemotherapy can help tune the body’s immune system to attack an aggressive type of breast cancer, extending survival by up to 10 months, show results of an immunotherapy trial in Britain. The research, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, also showed that the combined treatment reduced […]

Anti-psychotic drug may treat aggressive breast cancer

London: A commonly-used anti-psychotic drug could also be effective against triple-negative breast cancer, the most difficult form of the disease to treat, new research has found. The findings showed that tumours in mice treated with the drug Pimozide were 65 per cent smaller than in untreated mice and the number of tumours reduced by up […]

Weight-loss tips
Weight loss may lower breast cancer risk for post-menopausal women

New York: Women, please take a note. Losing weight can help lower the risk of developing breast cancer in the post-menopausal stage, a new study has found. The study, published in the journal CANCER, found that among post-menopausal women, participants who lost weight had a lower risk of developing invasive breast cancer than those who […]

Processed meat may up breast cancer risk: Study

London: Consuming processed meat like bacon, ham, sausages, salami, corned beef, beef jerky and canned meat is associated with higher risk of developing breast cancer, warned researchers. In a review of 15 studies, published in the International Journal of Cancer, processed meat consumption was associated with a nine per cent higher breast cancer risk. However, […]

Obesity, vitamin D deficiency raises breast cancer risk

New York: Obesity coupled with vitamin D deficiency in postmenopausal women may pose a significant risk of breast cancer — the most common and leading cause of death in women, finds a study. The findings showed that higher levels of vitamin D — well known for its benefits in building healthy bones — may reduce […]

Genes linked to aggressive breast cancer risk identified

New York: Researchers have identified specific genes associated with the increased risk for triple-negative breast cancer, providing the basis for better risk management. Germline genetic testing can identify women at increased risk of breast cancer by evaluating if there are genetic changes, often inherited from a parent, that increase the risk of certain cancers. However, […]

High Vitamin D levels may reduce breast cancer risk

New York: Higher levels of Vitamin D among women may reduce their risk of developing breast cancer post menopause, claimed a new study. The study found that women with blood levels of serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D (OH) — the main form of vitamin D in blood — above 60 ng/ml (nanograms per millilitre) had one-fifth the […]

Beware! Avoid these lifestyle habits as they can lead to breast cancer

New Delhi: Changing lifestyle habits, increasing work pressure and stress levels have left modern-day individuals with no time to pay heed to their health and one disease that seems to be emerging because of irregular lifestyle is breast cancer. So make sure you are keeping a check on habits that can lead to this disease. […]

New protein linked to spread of breast cancer identified

Toronto: Researchers have found that a protein that, once deactivated, could prevent the spread of an aggressive type of breast cancer to other sites in the body, a process known as metastasis. In their study, published in the journal Cell Reports, the researchers demonstrated that a protein, AXL, influences the occurrence of metastasis in HER2-positive […]

'Blue light' from LEDs may trigger breast, prostate cancer

London: Reigniting the debate over exposure to the “blue light” emitted by outdoor LED screens and heightened risk of cancer, an international team of researchers have concluded that there is a “strong link” between the two. To reach this conclusion, the researchers from University of Exeter in Britain and the Barcelona Institute for Global Health […]

Diet may help halt breast cancer spread: Study

New York: Limiting the intake of foods rich in asparagine including dairy, beef, poultry, eggs, fish, nuts, soy and whole grains, while increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables may potentially help halt the spread of a deadly type of breast cancer, researchers, including one of Indian-origin, suggests. Asparagine is an amino acid — the […]

Know how to cut breast cancer risk

New York: Postmenopausal women with normal body mass index (BMI) but higher body fat levels at the same time may be at an increased risk of breast cancer, suggests new research. BMI refers to the ratio of weight to height, but it is not an exact way to determine whole body fat levels, as muscle […]

Soy, broccoli may cut breast cancer treatment's side effects

New York: Consuming soy foods such as soy milk and tofu and cruciferous vegetables such as cabbages, kale and broccoli may help reduce common side effects of treatment in breast cancer survivors, researchers say. Treatments designed to prevent breast cancer recurrence often inhibit the body’s production or use of oestrogen — the hormone that can […]

Breast cancer tied to bacterial imbalances

New York: Researchers have found that the bacterial composition of breast tissue of healthy women are different from that of women with breast cancer. The study published in the journal Oncotarget showed that healthy breast tissue contains more of the bacterial species Methylobacterium, a finding which could offer a new perspective in the battle against […]

diabetes drug
Diabetes drug may help treat breast cancer

Beijing: Chinese researchers have found that a drug used to treat diabetes could be effective against a form of breast cancer. Over 70,000 people die from breast cancer in China every year, according to the national cancer centre. Triple-negative breast cancer is particularly aggressive among the four clinical subtypes of breast cancer, Xinhua news agency quoted […]