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This is more appropriate time to get Dronacharya: Yashvir

New Delhi: Still aggrieved at his exclusion from the Dronacharya list last year, long-time coach and mentor of London Olympics silver medallist grappler Sushil Kumar, Yashvir Singh feels the recognition could not have come at a better time than this.

Yashvir, who has a long-standing association with Sushil and London Games bronze medallist Yogeshwar Dutt, was on Tuesday recommended for the prestigious Dronacharya award.

"If I would have got the award last time around probably there wouldn`t have been the same amount of joy. It has really doubled this time," Yashvir told PTI.

Yashvir`s name was in contention for the Dronacharya award last year also after Sushil won the World Championship in 66kg freestyle in 2010, but in an unprecedented turn of events, the coach was reportedly forced to pull his nomination back that paved the way for his colleague Ramphal to get the coveted award.

"Being a human being I did feel left out but then God has been really kind. Probably this is the more appropriate time," he said.

The ever-so modest Yashvir conceded that there was a time when he thought about distancing himself from the sport.

"There was a time when I thought of moving away from the sport but then the sense of national responsibility held me back. You sometimes have to make compromises for the larger good. There have been so many greats of the game who did not get the recognition, but that does not undermine their effort.

"Last year I tried for the award but this time around there was no persuasion from me. I was pretty relaxed. There was no pressure," he added.

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