Official ball for FIFA U-17 World Cup launched

New Delhi: Krasava, the official match ball for the FIFA Under-17 football World Cup has been launched, it was announced on Thursday.

Krasava is a word commonly used by Russian sports fans to describe a beautiful performance and is the ultimate praise for a team when they play with creativity and flair.

The pattern on the adidas’ ball features a striking red design with jagged lines running through it, designed to represent the design of a Russian Ruby and the metaphorical jewel of the game.

The structure of the ball incorporates the same innovative and widely-praised panel shape as the Beau Jeu and Fracas, the adidas balls that were used in the group and knockout stages of UEFA Euro 2016. It offers premium surface structure, enhanced grip and in-flight visibility.

The ball will be seen on-pitch for the first time on October 6.