Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Argentina’s Lionel Messi is the star attraction for FIFA World Cup 2022 to be played in Qatar. He is among the greatest modern-day footballers to be an icon all over the world. However, Messi is playing possibly his last World Cup as age is not on his side any more.

In a recent interview, the star footballer dropped a bombshell on his fans when he hinted at retiring from the game. As per Messi, he does not think he can carry on playing football anymore.

“I love football. I love playing it and I enjoy it. The only thing I’ve done all my life is play football. I’m sure that whatever I do after will be related to it, although I don’t know what. I don’t think I’ll play much more,” the PSG star said during the interview.

Messi also said that playing football was a big dream that he has fulfilled, but he has a family now of three children and balancing life was a big challenge for him.

“I don’t know how so many things happened. It was a dream that I always had as a child, of being able to play in Argentine football. I would go to the pitch and wanted to be there. But today it depends on many things. I have my family and three children. I just had a very big change in my life that was difficult for me and my whole family. Now I have gotten over it and we feel spectacular,” said Messi.

Notably, Messi will be playing his fifth World Cup in Qatar, and he has been winless on all four occasions.