New Delhi: Indian women's cricket team's star all-rounder Harmanpreet Kaur tried a catwalk on the fashion ramp for a change. She says it's good to try different things besides sports at times, including endorsements to break the monotony.

Harmanpreet had walked the ramp for a designer at a fashion event in Mysuru earlier this week.

"If we are getting an opportunity to do something different as well, at times I think we should do it. Sometimes you do get opportunities to learn something new, so what is the harm in doing so," Kaur told IANS on the sidelines of Crocs Mysore Fashion Week.

"We are playing so much cricket nowadays. Sometimes, too much cricket is not good for us... We get stuck at times. Doing some new things at times breaks the monotony, entertains you and you can feel fresh. Then when you go back to the field, you are rejuvenated and play better with a fresh mind, as well as enjoy your game on a better level," she added.