Ashish Kumar Manthan

Today is November 10, Thursday, Solar month Libra 25th day. Margasira krushna pakshya. Check out the important auspicious timings and some unfavourable periods for the day.

Moon shine – Taurus (day and night)

Tithi- Ditiya after 06.33 pm Tritiya

Malignant moon – Scorpio (day and night)

Malignant Diurnal – Libra, Aquarius

Pushkara dosha – Eka pada till 06.33 pm , do santi puja

Auspicious Time

05.55 am to 07.25 am

05.56 pm to 09.22 pm

01.07 am to 03.22 am

04.13 am to 05.56 am

Inauspicious Time

Rahu kala – 12.54 pm to 02.17 pm

Kala bela – 02.17 pm to 03.41 pm

Vara bela – 03.41 pm to 05.04 pm

Kala ratri – 11.30 pm to 01.07 am

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