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Today marks Solar month Cancer 19th day. Srabana sukla pakshya August 3, Wednesday.

Tithi – Panchami after 05.42 am Sasthi 

Moon shine – Virgo (day and night)

Malignant moon – Taurus (day and night)

Malignant Diurnal – Cancer

Pushkara dosha – Nil

Auspicious Time 

05.26 am to 07.09 am

10.16 am  to 11.27 am

02.01  pm  to 05.27 pm

07.03 pm to 10.46 pm

01.44 am to 02.40 am

04.03 am to 05.27 am

Inauspicious  Time

Rahu kalam – 11.52 am  to 01.29 pm

Kala bela – 08.39  am  to 10.16 am

Vara bela – 11.52 am  to 01.29 pm

Kala ratri – 02.40 am  to 04.03 am

Zodiac readings for the day:


Aswini – Have patience and concentrate on your work.

Dwija – Your performance will inspire others.

Krutika- You will get a new opportunity to take life ahead.

Remedy- Recite 'Estadeva Nrusingha' mantra.


Kritika- Don't discuss secret things.

Rohini– You will have a lot of work in office.

Mrugasira– Don't give an opinion when not sought

Remedy – Offer prayer to Sri Bhargabi.

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