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Odishatv Bureau

Ahead of the start of a day, we pray to the almighty to make the day as beautiful as it can be for us. However, knowing what's in store for us and the remedy to deal with it, are always beneficial. 

So, do you want to know what August 3 has in store for you? Here is an outlook of what you all can expect from your stars today:



Aswini – Have patience and concentrate on your work.

Dwija – Your performance will inspire others.

Krutika- You will get a new opportunity to take life ahead.

Remedy- Recite 'Estadeva Nrusingha' mantra.



Kritika- Don't discuss secret things.

Rohini– You will have a lot of work in office.

Mrugasira– Don't give an opinion when not sought

Remedy – Offer prayer to Sri Bhargabi.



Mrugasira- Be alert and take care of your diet.

Aadra- You may face embarrassment due to your bad behaviour

Punarvasu - Issues may crop up between couples.

Remedy- Have Jantrika Kavach of Tripura Sundari.



Punarbasu– You may get transferred to a good place.

Pushya– Past enmity may get resolved.

Ashlesa– Students will be able to wipe out hindrances in studies.

Remedy– Recite Sri Ganesha mantra.



Magha– You will get benefits from your earlier taken decision.

Purbafalguni– Your stature may increase in society.

Uttarafalguni– May get money from someone earlier burrowed from you.

Remedy– Offer prayer to 'Kula Devata'.



Uttarafalguni–  You will spend time on any pending legal issue.

Hasta– You may go ahead with buying a piece of land.

Chitra– You will remain confident throughout the day.

Remedy– Recite the mantra of Buddha.



Chitra– Share your pain with others to feel relaxed.

Swati– Stay away from interfering in the matters of others.

Vishakha– You may feel low in confidence.

Remedy– Have Jantrika Mahakavach of Sani Dev.



Vishakha– Your goal in politics may be fulfilled.

Anuradha– There will be a cordial relationship between husbands and wives

Jyestha– You will get a new opportunity for development.

Remedy– Recite Gayatri Mantra of Maa Mangala.



Mula– You may achieve your long-standing goal at work place.

Purbashadha– Farmers will get benefits.

Uttarasadha– Pending issues will be resolved.

Remedy– Recite Om Hrim Trim Hum Fat mantra 


Uttarashada– Those in politics may get benefitted.

Shravana– It will be a good day for the newly-married couples.

Dhanistha– You will remain free of all tension.

Remedy– Offer prayers to Sani Dev.


Dhanistha– Emotions may impact your peace today.

Shatabhisa– Take good care of your weight.

Purvabhadrapada– You may get irritated due to the mistake of your colleague.

Remedy– Begin your day by reciting the mantra of Rahu.



Purvabhadrapada– You will get a chance to learn new skills.

Uttarabhadrapada– Those in MSME may get good results.

Rebati– Income and expenditure will remain the same for the day.

Remedy– Recite the mantra of Maa Tara.

Horoscope readings by Jyotirvid Er Deepak Acharya

Contact him on 0674-3527219 or 9238397100

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