Suryakant Jena

Today marks Solar month Cancer 17th day. Shrabana Sukla Pakshya 1 August Monday

Tithi – Chaturthi after 05.13 pm Panchami

Moonshine – Leo after 10.28 pm Virgo

Malignant Moon – Cancer, Capricorn after 10.28 pm Taurus

Malignant Diurnal – Gemini

Pushkara Dosha –After 04.06 pm eka pada, do santi puja

Auspicious Time

  • 05.26 am to 07.02 am
  • 10.35 am to 01.10 pm
  • 04.43 pm to 05.28 pm
  • 07.04 pm to 09.17 pm
  • 11.53 pm to 02.17 am

Inauspicious Time

  • Rahu kalam – 07.02 am to 08.39 am
  • Kala bela – 07.02 am to 08.39 am
  • Vara bela –03.06 pm to 04.43 pm
  • Kala ratri – 11.29 pm to 11.53 pm

Zodiac readings for the day: -



Ashwini - Meeting with a helpful person likely today
Dwija - You will get more active in social sector
Kritiika- A loud and clear inspiration will stoke your imagination in professional field
Remedy - Take 7 Jaba Dhana and wash them 7 times in cow urine before wrapping them in a red cloth and throwing it in water


Krittika - Enemies might influence in family matters
Rohini - Not a good day for your work life, you might have to face backlash
Mrigashira - Today will be lot busy
Remedy - Worship Maha Laxmi

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