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  • ଓଡ଼ିଆରେ ପଢନ୍ତୁ
Suryakant Jena

A new day is here promising a wide array of opportunities as well as challenges for you. Planning a new venture or worried about your love life, Astrology can offer you very good solution for each and every step you take in your life. Curious enough to know what will come your way as per the position of stars, then check out the astrological predictions for different zodiac signs here.



Ashwini - Meeting with a helpful person likely today

Dwija - You will get more active in social sector

Kritiika- A loud and clear inspiration will stoke your imagination in professional field

Remedy - Take 7 Jaba Dhana and wash them 7 times in cow urine before wrapping them in a red cloth and throwing it in water




Krittika - Enemies might influence in family matters

Rohini - Not a good day for your work life, you might have to face backlash

Mrigashira - Today will be lot busy

Remedy - Worship Maha Laxmi




Mrigashira - Financial situation will improve due to sudden profits

Ardra - Intelligence will enhance

Punarvasu - Stars indicate changes in your beliefs

Remedy - Chant this mantra (Omm Somaya Digmahe Pitambaray Dhimahi Tanna Somah Prachedayat )




Punarvasu - Your marital life will be blissful

Pushya - Good news expected from someone staying in foreign land

Aslesa - You will inspire people with your positive outlook

Remedy - Chant the mantra of Maa Bhuvaneswari




Magha - Tour of a religious site indicated

Purva Phalguni - Day will be bumper for people in media sector

Uttar Phalguni - Land dispute will come to an end

Remedy - Donate something in Vishnu Temple




Uttar Phalguni - Keep your outlook positive today

Hasta - Beware, you might face accidents today

Chitra - Loss is indicated in business

Remedy - Offer some food to birds in the morning




Chitra - Business will boom, windfall in profits

Swati - You will get success after working as per plan

Vishakha - A big responsibility awaits you

Remedy - Worship picture of Lord Parshuram




Vishakha - Women will get self-reliant

Anuradha - You will lay out new livelihood plan

Jyestha - Reap profits of this good time

Remedy - Offer chapati to some dogs




Mula - All that hard work will reap dividends today

Purvashadha - Dispute over land will see the end

Uttarashadha - You will take up an active role in social field

Remedy - Tie some yellow thread around peepal tree




Uttarashadha - Neighbours may act as enemies

Shravana - Indigestion might cause troubles

Dhanistha - Budget your spendings

Remedy - Worship idol of the Lord




Dhanistha - Children will offer some good news today

Satabhisa - You may welcome new vehicles to house today

Purva Bhadrapada - Hope and spirit will remain high

Remedy - Chant the mantra (Sanischaray Digmahe Suryaputray Dhimahi Tanna Manda Prachedayat)




Purva Bhadrapada - Students will get good results

Uttar Bhadrapada - Near ones will help you today

Revati - Religious spirit will be in your mind today

Remedy - Worship Maa Tara


Horoscope readings by Jyotirvid Er Deepak Acharya

Contact him on 0674-3527219 or 9238397100

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