Two earrings of deity missing from Jagannath temple

Puri: Two silver earrings of Lord Ganesh were found missing from Lord Jagannath temple premises here on Saturday.

"Two earrings of Lord Ganesh weighing about 250 gram are missing," Bhagaban Panda, the priest in-charge of the deity, said.(image)

A complaint had been lodged with the Singhadwar police station and investigation was on with the help of forensic team, police said.

Lord Ganesh temple formed part of several smaller ones encircling the main temple known in local parlance as `Bhittar Bedha`, located on the southern gate of the 12th century shrine.

Though all smaller temples and the main shrine remain closed during night hours, temple guards alongwith armed police man all the four gates of the edifice round-the-clock.

However, it baffled many as to how the ornaments could be taken away without breaking the lock and why other silver ornaments of the deity were spared.

The silver earrings were donated to the Lord by a devotee about 10 years ago.