Snakebites killing more people than natural calamities in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Deaths due to snakebites is rising at an alarming rate in Odisha and it seems snakes are killing more people in the State than natural calamities. An official statistics revealed that Odisha has recorded as many as 2,954 snakebite casualties in the last five years.

Reportedly, there were 478 snakebite deaths in 2015-16, 574 in 2016-17 and 696 in 2017-18. This year by August 9, as many as 811 people have already lost their lives due to snakebites with Mayurbhanj topping the list among the districts with 271 casualties.

Such spurt in 2018-19 has raised serious concerns. Meanwhile, it is believed that such deaths are rising due to the prevailing superstition among rural populace that still prefer a tantrik or sorcerer before going to a hospital for treatment.

Timely treatment can prevent snakebite deaths and there is a need of massive awareness among people, say experts.