Slow poisoning kids and mothers

Khurda: It is common knowledge that success of any government scheme or programme lies in the right kind of implementation at the lowest level. The government keeps spending crores on mothers and children belonging to the poorer sections and anganwadis play the most crucial role in such programmes. Not so long ago a minister had to quit following detection of irregularities in supply of items for schools and health centres.

Still the rot continues. At least at an anganwadi in Khurda town. It could be a tip of the larger iceberg even. Pictures captured by OTV camera shows insects in a food packet supplied to the anganwadi located inside the famous teakwood garden right in the town. The food packets are meant for children between three to six years. Not just insects saw dust has been filled into the packets to camouflage as food items.

There is statutory instruction by the manufacturer of the food packets, the Kalyani Self Help Group, that the food item must be consumed within a month of preparation. But the mark bearing the date of packaging has been blackened with colour. Several packets do not carry the dates even. When OTV camera encountered the anaganwadfi worker and the CDPO, both could not give any satisfactory answer. The anganwadi children and their mothers have been left to fend for themselves.