Save the elephant campaign kicks off

Bhubaneswar: The dwindling numbers of elephants in the state in the recent past has raised concerns among people, environmentalists and animal care organisaitons. For this, Odisha Television Ltd (OTV) has launched an awareness campaign—‘Save Elephant’.

The gruesome killing of two elephants including a tusker at Narshinghpur and Gurudujharia has sent shock waves across the state.

In the last ten days, four pachyderms have been killed in the state. On March 26, two jumbos were electrocuted to death at Bhanjanagar in Ganjam. After a gap of nine days, two more elephants were killed.

The recent killings of the elephants have raised concerns among many. In view of this, the forest department has appealed the citizens to come forward and save the jumbos.

As per official figures, 245 elephants have died from 1990 to 2010 due to several reasons. Out of this, 25 elephants have died of electrocution.

The declining number of jumbos would create ecological imbalance, environmentalists opine.