RSP sets new standards in ERP implementation

Rourkela: Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) has set new standards in implementation and stabilisation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system as compared to other organisations.

ERP is a system that integrates all departments and functions across an organisation onto a single computer system that can serve department specific needs.

"Implementing this in a complex industry like RSP is quite a daunting task, as it is about building a software programme that integrates the entire operation of the Steel Plant right from production and finance to dispatch", RSP sources said.

In an organisation with operations as RSP, it normally takes 5 to 6 months for stabilisation. However, at RSP the stabilisation process that started from April 1, 2012 has been faster and smoother as compared to others, the sources said.

Another significant achievement was that this was effected without any Black Out period which is the norm.

While in many other organisations, production had to be throttled during the implementation and stabilisation process because of teething troubles, the production at RSP had in no way suffered during this period, the sources said.

This is proved by the fact that in the month of April the Steel Plant has achieved its APP targets in the three major areas which are production of Hot Metal, Crude Steel and Saleable Steel, sources said.

After complete stabilisation, the ERP system will integrate the financial information, standardise and speed up manufacturing processes, integrate customer order information and reduce inventory.