Pyari blames Govt for trying to foil OJM rally

Baripada: Expelled BJD leader and Odisha Jana Morcha (OJM) chairman Pyarimohan Mohapatra once again made strong allegation against the government of blocking the way of the Morcha activists to the rally venue at Baripada today.
Mohapatra who arranged Morcha’s third Kranti Samabesh at Baripada after the convention in Bhubaneswar and Bhawanipatana alleged that the government machineries have tried hard to prevent the Morcha workers from joining the rally. He said the workers have been intercepted at different places in and around the town in a bid to make the rally delayed.
“The activists have been blocked at a point, 5 km away from the rally venue. So that they can’t reach the place on time and the meeting will be delayed”, Mohapatra said alleging that even though the district administration has been appraised earlier regarding the matter, no steps have been taken to ensure a smooth convention.
The OJM today laid a procession from the Jagannath temple in the town to rally venue at Chhau ground where a public meeting chaired by OJM chief Pyarimohan Mohapatra was held. Attending the meeting, the dissident leader claimed the BJD had won in 12 districts in the last general election only due to his hard labor. However, the ruling party would be captured in the next election and OJM would come to power, he asserted.
On the other hand, the BJD countered Pyari’s claim saying OJM’s aim to come to power is a day dream.
“OJM can never come to power as people of Odisha have blessing and a lot of affection on BJD and its leader Naveen Patnaik. OJM leaders are acting as villain whose ambition is a day dream”, BJD chief whip Prabhat Tripathy said.
The first convention of OJM was organised in Bhubaneswar on October 28 while the second meeting was held in Bhawanipatna on November 19. Mohapatra had made similar claim that the government was trying to scuttle Morcha rally by preventing its workers on the way.