Oppostion questions poor e-seva in the state

Bhubaneswar: The State Assembly on Saturday debated the functioning of Jana Seva Kendras (e-Seva) in the state and the non-availability of proper e-seva service for the common man. 

While MLAs across the party lines favoured the setting up of the Jana Seva Kendras in panchayats and blocks, the opposition raised questions regarding the ground on which the Centre assigned the three companies to set up these Seva Kendras in the state.

Replying to the complaints raised by the opposition Ramesh Majhi, the Minister of Information & Technologies said, “Out of five companies that applied their tenders for e-Seva service, only three were selected and entrusted with the responsibility.”

Out of 5, 169 Jana Seva Kendras that have been set up in the state, 4, 475 are in the Panchayats, the minister added.