Mothers Day Musings

Bhubaneswar: As today the world celebrates Mother’s Day; it is time to express our deepest respect for her and acknowledge her ‘contribution’ in every sense of the word.

Mothers are the greatest influence on us. The role they play has no parallel. They are the ones who put their children’s needs before their own.

It is a mother who teaches us how to nurture and how to love. It is through her guidance that we develop the nuances of our personality and which predominantly shapes our character.

Sometimes, things get different when parents grow old; especially mothers get old, as we get busy with our young lives — marry and try to grow in our career. Ideally, it’s time when there should be a reversal of role.

As a mother is tickled merely by gazing at her baby; similarly we need to be responsive towards our mothers and understand our responsibility towards them when they grow old.