Kawariyas embark on journey to Shaivite shrines

Bhubaneswar: Just a day before the first Monday of Shrawan month — the Shaivites in droves were spotted with religious frenzy to observe the first Monday to mark the month-long religious event. During this period, the kanwariyas offer Jalabhishek at the temples of Lord Shiva.

The saffron-clad kanwariyas anointed with devotion first take a dip in the water while chanting the holy name en route to Shaivite shrines. After collecting water from rivers, the kanwariyas get ready to embark on the spiritual journey. 

Many are found busy with their preparatory puja with the sand-made Shiv lingams.

Along with this grand ritual, the wholesale marketers have already made a good business while selling the related merchandise.

However, it is not just the first Monday of Shrawan month, but every Monday of this month is believed to be as auspicious as this, as Kanwariyas perform the rite on any Monday of this month with equal fervour.