Kartik to depart from Kedar

Bhubaneswar: Showing no signs of botheration about his short-living in the Nandankanan zoological park, now a days he is spending time in the four walls of the cage in all playful mood. Looking at his merrymaking, caressing and jumping from bar to bar, hardly any one can judge that he is going to leave this birth place permanently.

Meet this two years and seven month old chimpanzee – Kartik who will be soon shifted to Patna zoological park with his sister only to be replaced by a Zeraf.  But what about this zoo caretaker Kedar who toiled hard to bring him up after his birth in 2009 when Kartik’s parents deserted the baby animal? At that time Kedar was the only person to save his life.

Understandably Kedar must be the most depressed person among all the zoo caretakers when he heard about Kartik’s departure from the zoo. Though he could not believe the news for many days, he had to accept it.

Probably this is the reason why Kedar is distancing himself from Kartik now a days so that he can self-console and waiting for another Kartik to express his affection.