Jay Panda compares political party in Odisha with monkey driving bus-incident in Karnataka

Bhubaneswar: After a video showing a monkey steering a running bus in Karnataka went viral, former MP Baijayant ‘Jay’ Panda took to Twitter to compare the bizarre incident with a political party in Odisha.

While replying to the video of a monkey driving a bus in Karnataka, Panda in a tweet message said the condition of a political party in the State is akin to the bus controlled by a monkey.

“Where I’m from, everyone knows of a political party in the same situation as this bus! The passengers beginning to panic, but too scared to report the monkey…,” tweeted Panda.

After a Twitter user replied to the above tweet, Panda clarified “I was calling the bureaucrat who has grabbed control of the party the monkey. It takes only basic IQ to understand that if the ‘bus’ here is the ‘party’, then the driver at its helm is the party boss. & the ‘monkey’ the interloper who has taken control (sic).”

When a ruling-BJD leader was asked about the matter, he tried to evade the question.