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Fear stalks riverside residents of Nischintakoili

Cuttack: Every-year flood waters inundate the villages in the adjoining areas of Nischintakoili, as the dismal flood situation due to heavy rains in the pre-monsoon days threaten the very existence of the inhabitants here.

Floods not only damage property and endanger the lives of humans and animals, but have overall detrimental effects. Apart from the possible destruction of the human and wildlife habitat, for the villagers of the river side village,  Jannardanpur — people here are currently living in mortal fear, as the river water has swollen greatly this year and chances are the swollen river water might get into the households and villages may remain marooned, as paddy and other crops stay submerged.

The flood has been an annual feature in this area, as families temporarily vacate their dwellings  and  rush to the high and dry places with their kids for their safety.  

People here are absolutely clueless about what to do and how to go about it — except waiting for the government help to trickle in.

Prolonged high floods delay traffic and interfere with drainage,
increasing flood damage and making the whole thing looks scary.

May be the woes of the people living in the area will continue like this for some more time, till rivers in the area are regulated. This control might be, however, limited in the face of extreme flood events.

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