Baby meets foster mother in orphanage

Cuttack: A two-year-old girl met her foster mother after several months at an orphanage here amid love and affection.
Following an order of the Orissa High Court, Mahasweta Dixit of Kakatpur in Puri district met her foster daughter 'Kandhei' at 'Vasundhara Orphanage' here on Tuesday.
The little girl, who was under the care and protection of the woman for nearly one year, reciprocated the love in her own matchless way.

"I cannot describe in words what I am feeling now meeting Kandhei again," said Mahasweta in a choked voice as she was bidding farewell to the child, who is now residing with her biological mother as per the directions of the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) at Cuttack.

Mahasweta had brought new dresses and toys for the toddler and was extremely happy when 'Kandhei' recognised her much to the delight of the onlookers.

As per the direction of the High Court on December 21 last, the CWC brought 'Kandhei' to the orphanage where Mahasweta and her family members spent almost five hours with her.

'Kandhei' was abandoned allegedly by her biological mother Padmini Swain at a temple at Kakatpur of Puri district in September 2011. Since then 'Kandhei' was under the care of Mahasweta, a married woman with a boy child.

But after about a year, Padmini staked her claim on the child and took the girl into her possession with the help of police. Subsequently, when the matter came to the CWC, it ordered on November 15 last to hand over the child to her biological mother and restrained the foster mother to even meet the child.

However, when the matter came before the High Court, Justice B K Nayak in his order on December 21 last allowed Mahasweta to meet the child for five hours in a local orphanage in the presence of one CWC member.

The High Court is scheduled to hear the case after the winter vacation as Mahasweta has sought to quash the CWC order.