56 infants branded with hot iron in Keonjhar

Keonjhar: Firmly in the clutches of age -old superstitions, some people still follow practices which are not only hazardous but also are seemingly obstinate to eradicate.

In an attempt to cure ailments, infants in many parts of Odisha are still subjected to the torture of being branded with hot iron rods. In one such incident in Bardapal panchayat of Keonjhar, infants were branded with hot iron to cure and prevent stomach-related diseases. According to sources, as many as 56 infants of 25 families were branded with hot iron on Tuesday.

Last year, a 15-day-old girl had to go through a similar ordeal in Keonjhar. As per reports, the infant was suffering from common cold and stomach related ailments. Instead of taking the baby girl to a hospital, her grandmother inflicted burns on her as a remedy.