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Sanjeev Kumar Pradhan

Balasore: Truckers engaged in transportation of LPG cylinders in Indian Oil Corporation's bottling plant in Balasore have alleged that the plant authorities have shown undue favors to the truckers from outside the state while allocating the tender for transportation.

The protesting transporters said that they have been providing service since the last 30 years and the company authorities are now giving priority to transporters from other states.

"We have been providing service to IOCL since the plant became operational and some corrupt officials have granted the transportation tender for this year to the truckers from other states. We demand that local transporters should be granted the contract," said a truck owner, Basant Mohanty.

As per reports, the LPG cylinders from the plant were being transported to 15 districts jointly by the Balasore Truck Association and distributors.

Reportedly a total of 290 transporters had participated in the tender process held in 2018, but it is alleged that the plant authorities have given preference to transporters from Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu neglecting the local transporters.

The regional transporters' association has threatened to block entry of vehicles from other states into the plant and launch an agitation.

"The authorities have shown preference to transporters from Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. We will not let the vehicles from other states to enter the plant," said Convener of the association, Arun Dey.

On the other hand, the manager of the plant said that transparency has been maintained throughout the e-tender process.

"The tender process was undertaken in a transparent manner and the letter of acceptance has been issued to those who met all the terms and conditions," Chief Manager of Balasore LPG bottling plant, Subrat Kumar Sahu said.

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