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Traditional medicines popular in Koraput

Koraput: Be it malaria or any other disease, tribal healers in Koraput district use a variety of traditional medicines made from herbs, fruits, roots and tubers to cure critical ailments. Traditional healers claim complete cure from the diseases.

"We have medicines for many serious diseases like breast cancer, typhoid and high blood pressure. The medicines are prepared from herbs and fruits, found naturally in dense forests and hills," said Kanhu Charan Chalano, a tribal healer from Kotpad, who is in the profession for 38 years.

These medicines are being used by our community with positive results for ages, he said adding for Malaria, medicines are being made by mixing "ganga seuli" and pepper, while for typhoid the patient is given "pancho neemo".

Similarly, for breast cancer a medicine known as "kanchan adi gugulao" is given for three months, Chalano said.

As modern healthcare facilities are not available everywhere in remote pockets of this tribal dominated district, tribals mostly depends on these healers, locals said.

"The economic conditions of tribals do not permit them to go for modern healthcare facilities and they mostly rely on these traditional methods of treatment that is cheap and result-oriented," Chalano said.

The tribal healer has planted medicinal plants on 5 acre and his entire family is in this profession. Locally the tribal healer is known as "Gaon Dishari" and on any given day he treats over 15 patients affected by different diseases.

Locals are also upbeat after exploring the tribal methods of treating diseases. "I don't know whether these medicines works or not but it is wonderful to known the tribal way of treatment some serious diseases," said Karim Khan, a resident of Kotpad.

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