Suryakant Jena

Puri: The Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) today informed that the proposed system of ticket darshan and fixation of Mahaprasad rate chart as part of the Supreme Court-suggested reform measures for the 12th century shrine will be implemented from New Year.

Addressing a presser, SJTA chief administrator Pradipta Kumar Mohapatra today said ticket darshan system which is a variant of ‘Parimanik Darshan’ approved under the Record of Rights of the temple will be rolled out soon as the blueprint of the system is almost ready.

“Ticket darshan is a significant mode of earning for temples across the country. As per the Record of Rights, the shares of the rate will be allotted to servitors and the savings from ticket earnings will be finalised soon,” Mohapatra said.

“The most important aspect is to manage general darshan of deities alongside the new form of darshan. As devotees will be allowed to have darshan of the deities from Bhitara Katha, it is very important to ensure prevention of any kind of untoward incidents. Therefore, we want to make everything ready before going ahead. We will determine the rates of the tickets and other important aspects after a discussion with all groups of servitors during the managing committee meeting soon,” the chief administrator said.

The temple administration is also set to introduce new Mahaprasad rate chart from the New Year.

Speaking on this, Mohapatra said the temple administration has aleady given a final shape to the rate chart system of Mahaprasad. “After a final discussion with Suar Mahasuar Nijog, we will go ahead with the new facility,” he said.

This apart, to ease categorisation of earthern vessel (Kodua) sizes containing Mahaprasad for hassle free identification by devotees, the temple administration has decided to introduce size labelling system through which vessels will be tagged according to their sizes.

The temple administrator further added that repair works of the subsidiary shrines inside the temple premises undertaken by the ASI will be completed by the month of January.

On occasion of the festive period till the New Year eve the temple administration has made adequate arrangements keeping in view huge footfall of devotees.

Temple administrator said it is expected that the shrine may get a footfall of around 5.5 to 6 lakh devotees and tourists on the New Year so barricading for crowd control, smooth conduct of rituals, and maintenance of hygenie around the temple, temporary eviction of shops near Uttar Parswa Matha will be ensured.