Balasore: A few kilometres from where India’s ‘supersonic’ interceptor missiles are test fired so often, relatives of a man who died of snakebite today attempted to bring him back to life by asking a sorcerer to use his supernatural powers and recite mantras over phone.

The incident took place inside the G K Bhattar hospital in the district after one Siddheswar Jena of Mahisamunda village was bitten by a snake on Thursday night. Although he was rushed to the Jaleswar based hospital, the doctors declared him ‘brought dead’.

In a desperate attempt to save him, relatives of Siddheswar called up a sorcerer and begged him to save the deceased.  As per reports, the sorcerer expressed his inability to reach the hospital but offered help over phone using his supernatural powers.

In the next few minutes, they were seen conducting the rituals on the body of the deceased as he lay dead on the hospital bed. A few among them were even spotted holding up the mobile phone on to Siddheswar’s ears in a effort to wake him up with the power of mantras.

As all these drama unfolded, many other patients and the attendants in the ward remained mute spectators, said sources.

Meanwhile, the hospital authorities have claimed ignorance about the matter. “ We do not know what happened. That dead body was received dead and we had informed that to the attendants. We do not know what happened later ,” said a senior official of the hospital.