Puri: As part of the Supreme Court’s suggestions for introduction of uniform system of Abadha rates at Puri Srimandir, the Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) is all set to release the rate chart of Mahaprasad on a trial basis on December 2.

As per reports, the temple administration has decided to carry out the entire cooking procedure of Abadha on the Bhoga Mandap of the shrine. Later it will finalise the rate chart after including the margin of profit and calculating the expenditure on raw materials and labour required for preparing the holy food.

SJTA Administrator (ritual), Pradeep Kumar Das said, " The temple administration wants to know how much cost is incurred in preparing the Mahaprasad so cooking at the Bhoga Mandap will be carried out on an experimental basis on Sunday."

Speaking on the proposed 'ticket darshan' facility for devotees at the shrine, Das stated "Free darshan should be allowed near 'Bahara Katha' whereas ticket darshan should be allowed at the 'Bhitara katha' to facilitate devotees have a darshan of the deities from close quarters. This way the temple will generate good revenue."

Meanwhile, following reports of decay in golden idol of Goddess Laxmi, a five-member committee of senior servitors has examined the matter.

As per reports, the team comprising SJTA Administrator (ritual) Pradeep Kumar Das, members of Puspalaka Nijog and Mahajana Nijog, Pattajoshi Mohapatra, Bhitarachha Mohapatra and Taluchha Mohapatra have examined the idol and will submit a probe report to the chief administrator of the temple soon.

The temple administration had earlier informed about its decision to replace the old idols of Laxmi, Narayan, Madan Mohan & Vamana inside the premises.