Suryakant Jena

Puri: The Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) has issued strict order to various servitor groups of the Srimandir asking them to ensure smooth and timely conduct of rituals or else face disciplinary actions.

In a letter, SJTA chief Administrator Pradipta Kumar Mohapatra on Thursday urged all the servitor Nijogs to make sure that the palia sevayats perform their duty as per the new ‘niti’ recommendations approved during a meeting held between the temple ‘Niti sub-committee’ and managing committee.

The temple administration has warned that general public has also been informed about the ‘niti’ timings, so any disruption of rituals by servitors will result in disciplinary action.

Earlier on January 18, the temple administration decided to introduce a three-layer supervision mechanism to ensure that all rituals are conducted as per schedule. As part of the stricture, a committee would be reconstituted to supervise the proceedings through software.

A provision would be made under which a delay in conduct of rituals by 15 minutes will attract a 25% deduction in salary of concerned servitors; 50% for 30 minutes and if there is a delay of 1 hour, whole day’s remuneration will be deducted.

It may be noted that the 12th century shrine witnessed severe disruption in rituals for over 10 hours due to a dispute between servitors and police personnel on December 28 last year. The incident had caused a public outcry forcing the temple administration to stress on streamlining of rituals.

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