Vikash Sharma

Puri: The devotees can now hope for consistent prices of Abadha or the ‘Mahaprasad’ which would be made available at a fixed rate at Puri Srimandir.

Consensus on finalization of a rate chart was reached at a high-level meeting between the Suara-Mahasuara Nijog and chief administrator of Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) held today.

Confusion had cropped up after a few posters mentioning the rate chart were put inside the Srimandir last month. The controversial rate chart was removed after the SJTA clarified that it had not finalised any rate chart for sale of Abadha.

“At today’s meeting it was decided to fix the prices for sale of Mahaprasad soon after reviewing the cost of raw materials and other allied services associated with the preparation of the Abadha,” said Ananta Tiadi, member of temple management committee.

Tiadi further informed that a decision regarding setting up a help desk as well as a complaint box at Anand Bazaar was also taken at the meeting held today.

Sources said that the Suara-Mahasuara Nijog will also come up with a website to provide information regarding the Mahaprasad along with pictures and prices.