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Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Nayagarh: In what could add fuel to the raging public protest over the sensational murder of five-year-old girl Pari, Soumya Ranjan Pradhan, Sarpanch of Laxmiprasad Gram Panchayat in Nayagarh district, on Friday claimed that the minor girl was killed for her organs.

In a shocking statement, Pradhan said, "Why someone would have kidnapped the minor girl for ransom, given the fact that her father is an auto-rickshaw driver. It is certain that her organs were stolen and transplanted into the body of high-profile person or their family member. Therefore, efforts are being made to cover up the incident."

He also accused the State Higher Education Minister, Arun Kumar Sahoo and police of shielding the culprits involved in the murder of five-year-old girl ‘Pari’.

“Sahoo had earlier assured me that the culprits in the case will be punished according to the provision in law. However, the minister later tried to shield the culprits-- mainly one Babuli Nayak from the village, whose name had recurred in the allegations,” said Pradhan, two days after his purported audio conversation with the minister went viral.

“Babuli, who is a ganja smuggler and has series of criminal record, is getting protection because of his political links,” he suspected.

Pradhan said that his life is in danger as he is committed to give justice to the family of the victims.

“I am receiving threat calls as I am being vocal in this incident. If anything happens to me or my family, Arun Sahoo will be responsible," said Pradhan.

Pradhan also blamed the police for trying to suppress the case.

“I am closely observing the case and my observation is that police are trying to divert the investigation process by terming the murder a result of the family feud. They are putting pressure on the family with the intention to divert the attention from the real issue,” said Pradhan.

On July 14, the minor girl, Pari was reportedly abducted when she was playing outside her residence in the village. Exactly ten days later, the minor girl’s bones and body chopped in parts, stashed in a sack, were found dumped in the backyard of their house.

“I am deeply shocked over the incident as Pari belonged to my Panchayat. Police have so far failed completely in their investigation. Only 14 to 15 bones of Pari have been found while the rest of those have been melted by chemicals and police are still clueless about it,” he said.

Pradhan agreed with Pari’s parents that their daughter has been murdered for organs. He has also blamed the Superintendent of Police (SP) for trying to suppress the case.

“When I challenged Nayagarh SP over the case, he advised me to withdraw from it. Nobody in the administration is cooperating with me to give justice to Pari,” he alleged.

(Edited By Suryakant Jena)

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