Saswat Singhdeo

Rayagada: Someone has rightly said "Where there is will, there is a way." Students from Rayagada district in Odisha have once again proved that by producing a short film dedicated to Indian soldiers by using their pocket money.

The short movie "Balidaan" is a story of jawans who survive in a forest amidst attacks during anti-terrorist operations. The movie is dedicated to Indian soldiers and has been produced by 22 young students. It was shot in different locations of Gunpur over a period of 20 to 25 days.

"Through this movie, we have attempted to show the hardship faced by the soldiers and their family members. We have gained lot of praises and we are happy," said Dwarikanath Panigrahi, one of the students who is also an actor in the movie.

Another member of the group, Livingston Takiri, said, "It took us 10 to 12 days to make the guns used in the movie. If we get some help we can make better content."

Takiri added that jawans from a nearby BSF camp gave them uniforms which were used in the video.

The most remarkable thing about the movie is that the young students arranged Rs 20,000 from their pocket money which was used for producing the movie. The students have earned accolades from different quarters for their efforts.

Sub divisional police officer, Rajkishore Das said, "Such a movie will help youths by providing them inspiration and motivation to join the armed forces."